Primal Rage – Episode 111

Welcome to Urth! It’s like Earth but in the future and all the continents look like a dinosaur skull burping fire. This is the world of stop-motion dinosaurs, peetalities, and human volleyball. This is the world of Primal Rage.

Why is the Tiger R-Zone the superior arcade port console to play Primal Rage on? How was a stealthy musician involved in this game? Why are level inputs so despised when compared to edge inputs? Who has the best names for the Primal Rage fatalities?

We are tasked with designing a Podouken-based early 90s beat ‘em up which includes the storyline for the adventure. Bonus action, we add hidden bonus characters to be included in this fake game. Do you have questions you’d like answered in a future episode? Join the Podouken Discord and ask away: