Bubble Bobble – Episode 110

Now, it is beginning of a fantastic story! Let’s make a journey to the Cave of Monsters! Good luck! In this beastly episode we will visit with Bub and Bob as we become the best Bubble Bobble bubble blowers on the block!

Is Bubble Bobble the ultimate introvert shaming game? What is a potato party? How much money did Jarrod find in his newly acquired coin pusher? How much “Ice Ice Baby” is too much “Ice Ice Baby?”

All that and listener questions! This episode we answer, “What is the largest arcade purchase regret that we have made” and “what home console or computer game would we like to see adapted into an arcade game?” Want us to answer your question in a future episode? Join the Podouken Discord and ask away: discord.gg/k5vf2Jz

Ending episode credit to Lame Genie for their rock cover of the Bubble Bobble theme.