Centipede – Episode 114

From one sentence in a notebook to a hundred digital legs, we talk about Atari’s second best selling game ever and one of the highest-grossing in arcade history, Centipede.

What makes Centipede so appealing to female players? How did Space Invaders lead Dona Bailey from Cadillacs to Atari? Why was there a delay in releasing this episode and is our excuse good enough for forgiveness? How did the first Atari World Championships spotlight that women could be better than men at video games?

The excellent listener questions for this episode ask us to insert our choice for the most deserving creature that has never been featured into a video game, and if our lives depended on having to 1cc an arcade game what would it be? Join the Podouken Discord and ask your own questions which could be included in a future episode: discord.gg/k5vf2Jz