• Joust – Episode 113

    Hear ye, hear ye! His Majesty King Williams invites you to witness the magnificent tournament in ye Land of Molten Magma and Stoned Clouds where brave knights shalt ride their […]

  • Trog – Episode 112

    Long, long ago in the land of Og there lived a one-eyed caveman by the name of Trog, and in that land there lived four friends: Rex and Bloop, Spike […]

  • Primal Rage – Episode 111

    Welcome to Urth! It’s like Earth but in the future and all the continents look like a dinosaur skull burping fire. This is the world of stop-motion dinosaurs, peetalities, and […]

  • Bubble Bobble – Episode 110

    Now, it is beginning of a fantastic story! Let’s make a journey to the Cave of Monsters! Good luck! In this beastly episode we will visit with Bub and Bob […]

  • Mappy – Episode 109

    We’re back and we have a doctor’s note for our absence. So let’s continue our Beast Mode series by exploring the ultimate game of cat and mouse with Namco’s Mappy! […]

  • Frogger – Episode 108

    We’re going Beast Mode in this new miniseries by starting off with a “g*ddamn kids game!” It’s time to play the Konami developed and the Sega/Gremlin released Frogger. How did […]

  • Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon – Episode 107

    Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon. The final episode of the fourth Listeners’ Choice miniseries […]

  • Superman – Episode 106

    Our Listeners’ Choice miniseries continues with the penultimate episode! It’s a bird… It’s a plane… But is it a good game? It’s Taito’s Superman! Why is Superman fighting the Elephant […]

  • City Connection – Episode 105

    It’s time for the 4th annual Listeners’ Choice miniseries! And we’re excited to search the world for our perfect man with listener RaymondTheFrog as we explore Jaleco’s City Connection. How […]

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time – Episode 104

    Growing up in a glass bowl with chameleons, lizards, and tadpoles, it hardly enters your mind that there’s something better than this. But pizza power – a flying saucer food […]