Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – Episode 102

We were too late to throw some poop into the Caddy, hop in the two-seater, and evacuate from the impending hurricane so why not record an episode of the show? And this time we’re not even talking about a Konami property! We’re headed into the future to talk about Capcom’s Captain Planet meets Jurassic Park beat ‘em up, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs!

By what name is the uber-popular bootleg of this game known as? Does the cartoon’s theme song slap like our past entries? What is the Hurritrain game? Why did Capcom create a fourth character for a three-player game?

Jarrod explains his hangups with hurricanes that smash in the night and the whereabouts of Sound Boy. Rob tells the younglings about antenna-based television. Adam recounts playing the Sega CD version of this game.

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