Neo Geo 1995 – Episode 117

Travel back to the year 1995 when we all found out who shot Mr. Burns, Apollo 13 came out so that all future movie trailers can use James Horner’s music for their dramatic themes, and Calvin & Hobbes sled off into the snow one final time. Reminisce as the Podouken crew assembles their Neo Geo 4 slot with their picks of 1995 with Savage Reign, Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash, Pulstar, and Puzzle de Pon!

Why are this year’s MVS releases an attack of the clones? How did this episode become so… suggestive? Did we just stumble upon the secret inspiration of Naruto? Was the return of Time-Boy a success?

The questions this week include which arcade character do we think has the most rizz (which required our old asses to look up the definition of “rizz”) and what game is at the top of our bucket list to play on dedicated hardware? Join the Podouken Discord and ask your own questions which could be included in a future episode by following this link: