Frogger – Episode 108

We’re going Beast Mode in this new miniseries by starting off with a “g*ddamn kids game!” It’s time to play the Konami developed and the Sega/Gremlin released Frogger.

How did a “cross the road” joke turn into this super successful arcade game? Who was the heroine responsible for bringing Frogger to the States? What unfortunate series of events led to a breakdown on the side of the road, in a swamp, in the rain, with a bunch of pinball and arcade games in an open trailer? Who finally beat the Costanza Score?

Plus we recap our time at Free Play Florida 2023, the difference between alligators and crocodiles, and answer two listener questions: what arcade game deserves a toy line that hasn’t gotten one yet and what is our favorite video game memorabilia that we own.