Trog – Episode 112

Long, long ago in the land of Og there lived a one-eyed caveman by the name of Trog, and in that land there lived four friends: Rex and Bloop, Spike and Gwen. Let’s control some colorful claymation dinos and grab some eggs in Bally/Midway’s Trog – in PLAYmation!

Why was the original game much different than the Trog that we got? Exactly who’s cloaca did all these eggs come from? Is this the first arcade game to use claymation? What comic strip character did Jack Haeger base the titular character on?

Listener questions this week put us in a moral quandary on whether we should give advice on converting a Neo Geo cab and the other asks us if the traditional arcade is ever going to come back – and we have some thoughts on that. Join the Podouken Discord and ask your own questions which could be included in a future episode: