Operation Wolf – Episode 093

Let’s play the 80s version of Operation! It has a lot of changes over the popular board game like the tweezers being replaced with an Uzi and instead of Cavity Sam we’re operating on unspecified enemy troops to rescue hostages… actually these games don’t seem to be related at all. In this episode we’re talking about THE mounted gun game of the 80s, Taito’s Operation Wolf (and the sequels that followed it).

What was the name of that kids game show where winners ran through the maze and stuck NES games to their velcro vest? Did Tomohiro Nishikado, the famous creator of Space Invaders, really design Operation Wolf? What movie has Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best one-liner? Why does Jarrod feel the need to insult our arcade?

We happily answer a listener question in this episode which asks what arcade experience from our past do we think is unreproducible today. And remember, if world peace and lasting freedom doesn’t work, GRENADE ‘EM.