Neo Geo 1997 – Episode 119

Let’s be honest, 1997 wasn’t our favorite year due to a trio of horrible deaths, songs like “MMMBop” ruling the radio, and George Lucas unleashing Greedo shooting first upon the theater-going public. But that doesn’t mean the Neo Geo games of that year weren’t awesome! We assemble our 4 slot with a duo of puzzle games in Money Puzzle Exchanger and Magical Drop 3, the return of another samurai fighter in The Last Blade, and the run ‘n gun stylings of Shock Troopers.

Did we purposely plan our Neo Geo 1997 episode to come out within hours of the last episode of the first season of X-Men 97? Why can’t Jarrod quit puzzle games? Why can’t Rob quit samurai fighting games? Does this episode contain more mispronounced Japanese names than all other episodes combined?

And finally we get asked the mother of all dad question: what are our summer grilling ideas?