Author: podouken

  • Cliff Hanger – Episode 123

    So you’re telling me there was a LaserDisc arcade game… made by popular pinball manufacturer Stern… in 1983… featuring the film directorial debut of Hayao Miyazaki… based on the popular […]

  • Mad Dog McCree – Episode 122

    Well howdy, Stranger. Do you think you’re tough enough to take on the Mad Dog? Why don’t you take a seat over yonder as I tell the tale of a […]

  • Dragon’s Lair – Episode 121

    Time to spin up a new arcade miniseries with the Laser(Time)Disc! The first game is a fantasy adventure where we become a valiant knight on a quest to rescue the […]

  • Metal Slug – Episode 120

    We finish our second round of the Neo Geo 4 Slot miniseries with the ultimate retrospective on the MVS Metal Slug series which include Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001, Metal Slug […]

  • Neo Geo 1997 – Episode 119

    Let’s be honest, 1997 wasn’t our favorite year due to a trio of horrible deaths, songs like “MMMBop” ruling the radio, and George Lucas unleashing Greedo shooting first upon the […]

  • Neo Geo 1996 – Episode 118

    It’s 1996 – maybe the best year ever – where we got the Macarena (plus some actual good music), “draw me like one of your French girls” entered the popular […]

  • Neo Geo 1995 – Episode 117

    Travel back to the year 1995 when we all found out who shot Mr. Burns, Apollo 13 came out so that all future movie trailers can use James Horner’s music […]

  • Neo Geo 1994 – Episode 116

    Welcome to the year 1994 where the White House launched a website with unintended results, the Mandela effect kicked into high gear, and the most-watched car race ever was televised. […]

  • Arcade Obscura (Beast Mode) – Episode 115

    It was fun while it lasted but it’s time to retire the Beast Mode miniseries in the best way possible – with an Arcade Obscura! Each host brings their pick […]

  • Centipede – Episode 114

    From one sentence in a notebook to a hundred digital legs, we talk about Atari’s second best selling game ever and one of the highest-grossing in arcade history, Centipede. What […]