Mad Dog McCree – Episode 122

Well howdy, Stranger. Do you think you’re tough enough to take on the Mad Dog? Why don’t you take a seat over yonder as I tell the tale of a hit LaserDisc full motion video game that took the arcades hostage in the early 90s. This is the tale of Mad Dog McCree.

How did a law enforcement simulator company in New Mexico end up being the new sharpshooter of the arcade? Did Jarrod find the perfect specimen of a rooster in a Wal-Mart parking lot? Is the world ready for Mad Dog McThree: Boot Shootin’ Boogie? What’s our favorite Jeff Bridges quote?

Listener questions this week include asking how the secret sauce is made for deciding what games we talk about and naming an arcade game and PCB that we could never part with. Join the Podouken Discord and ask your own questions, which could be included in a future episode, by following this link: