Neo Geo 1993 – Episode 090

Travel with us back to 1993 when Bill Clinton became the 42nd President of the United States, your mom and grandmother’s favorite collectible was released, Samuel L. Jackson implored people to hold onto their butts, and a Dolly Parton song takes off again. Sadly it appears our Neo Geo 4-slot has a slight malfunction so we’ll only fill it with three of our four picks this episode with Sengoku 2, 3 Count Bout, and Spin Master.

How was PastBlaster’s visit to the Fun Dungeon and why is he so fascinated with tush tags now? Are yo-yos weapons now? When an ancient princess transports you through time to WW2 how important is it to know who you’re fighting against? Why wasn’t Fire Suplex used as the worldwide release title instead of the generic 3 Count Bout?

Plus we answer some listener questions like what console game warrants the full arcade treatment and which arcade game blew our minds the most when we first saw it.