Tron – Episode 079

After three years of podcasting, nearly 80 episodes, and covering 200 arcade games, it’s time to switch our focus to something with more audience potential. So we’re going full Hollywood and rebranding as a video arcade game… movie podcast! To start we’re covering the live-action Walt Disney classic, Tron.

How was this movie inspired by Pong? What convinced Tron’s creator to move away from traditional animation and incorporate CGI for the first time? Is Flynn’s Arcade the best golden age arcade representation ever shown on the silver screen? Does Tron include an example of the Mandela Effect?

As we analyze this movie we’ll also talk about jai alai, PastBlaster’s recent trip to Galloping Ghost Arcade, the best movie soundtrack ever composed, Robin Williams, using Miyagi-Do as an insecticide, and a follow-up discussion on T-MEK.