T-MEK – Episode 078

The Listeners’ Choice miniseries wraps up with a game that won’t give you power and wealth by punching hard, or knowing economics, or looking good. Nope, you have to blow up a bunch of hover tanks in T-MEK released by Atari Games.

What popular games was T-MEK inspired by? How did this game make Rob thousands of dollars? Is there a secret Atari meetup that we’re blacklisted from? Why is there so little information out there about this arcade game?

Thankfully the Game Designer of T-MEK, Matthew Ford, joins us to shed some light on the inspirations and development history of T-MEK plus what it was like working for Atari Games in the 1990s, and his life after Atari! Special thanks to JC (@specialcases on Twitter) for nominating this game for the Listeners’ Choice series.

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