Cannon Spike – Episode 076

It’s the year 20XX and the economy sucks, warfare is spreading, and terrorism is rampant. No, we’re not doom scrolling, we’re talking about the Psikyo/Capcom collaboration Cannon Spike!

How long can we talk about a game that takes 15 minutes to play? Is Cannon Spike primarily a shmup or a beat ‘em up? What’s the correct way to describe a single ski? Is the Dreamcast version better than the arcade?

So strap on your motor boots and get ready to hear the tale of ARS-Force along with discussion about middle aged boys and their toys, screaming over a Naomi fan, very muscular dolphins, ruining Blitz, and supporting your local arcade. Special thanks to YouOldSoAndSo for nominating this game for the Listeners’ Choice series.