Donkey Kong Jr. / Donkey Kong 3 – Episode 065

It’s time to expose the real villain of the Donkey Kong series – Nintendo’s very own golden boy, the insidious Mario. Discover how Mario torments a young ape by enslaving his father in Donkey Kong Jr. and how a fumigator gives the elder Kong an air bidet in Donkey Kong 3.

What far reaching device gave Nintendo a hand in moving into toy manufacturing? Do one of these arcade games feature the true first appearance of the more virtuous Mario brother? What is the best video game peripheral ever made? Is “Monkey Muscle” the worst catchphrase ever slapped on a lunchbox?

Plenty of non sequiturs ensue like Pastblaster giving us the scoop on a recent free arcade pickup that is nothing to sneeze at, a Smaug run Subaru dealership in Middle Earth, Stanley the Scatman, how busking makes us feel good, and the pelvic thrusting rhythms of Neo Turf Masters.