Arcade Obscura (Shmup Dump) – Episode 054

Podouken - Arcade Obscura (Shmup Dump) - Episode 054

They’re obscure. They’re underrated. They’re our choices for the Arcade Obscura shmups!

Mr. SNK brings us a lovely bouquet of Sega space shooter (please consult with your physician before playing). Rob (AKA Ron, AKA Robdog Storm) goes meta with an arcade shooter about arcade characters that takes place in an arcade. PastBlaster tells a tale as old as time about an alien invasion, a Presidential sex scandal, and animal abductions.

How did the death of a bowling alley breath new life into a ton of candy cabs? When will we get a Kirby shmup? Did you know the Nazca lines are real and there’s a game company named for them? Tune in for the real conclusion to our shmup miniseries!