Pong – Episode 034

A new miniseries kicks off with “the dumbest, simplest game ever made” – Pong!

You’ll want to sit in on this history lesson as we recount the origin of video arcade games which includes hippie candles, Nolan Bushnell, celestial bodies, Al Alcorn, and all the *bleeps* and *bloops* that built Atari.

Exactly how many Pong clones were there? Which came first: the home video console or the video arcade game? How did a lie lead to the fastest-growing company in U.S. history at the time? Who really came up with the idea for Pong?

Along the way we get sidetracked with memories of Videotopia, entertain the thought of a Street Fighter/Computer Space conversion, discuss the Pong RPG, and Pastblaster gets triggered by an eclipse (or was it an ellipse?).