Pac-Man 1984 Plus – Episode 033

We hit the Pac-pot of obscure Pac-Man games as we cover the Pac arcade games from 1984 to current: Pac smuggles fairies across borders in Pac-Land, enters the isometric 3D world in Pac-Mania, goes virtual in Pac-Man VR, fights to the death in Pac-Man Battle Royale, gets ticket rabies in Pac-Man Chomp Mania, and goes big before going home in World’s Largest Pac-Man.

So join us as we send Pac-Man off right for his 40th anniversary with an important answer provided by Doug Macrae, settle on the best Pac-Man game, and get to know the new ghosts Funky, Spunky, and Kinky.

That and we talk about our favorite frozen treats, pitch the perfect game to HAL Labs, listen to Napster dance mixes, and review futuristic kitchen design.