Ms. Pac-Man – Episode 030

Honey, doncha you know, she’s more than Pac-Man with a bow!

The Pac series continues with the ultimate genderbend – Ms. Pac-Man. We waka-waka-walka through the crazy origins of the best Pac-Man game (don’t AtGames us) as we explore its very litigious history.

How did a bunch of college dropouts make one of the best arcade games ever? What part did Atari play in the creation of this classic? What’s Ms. Pac-Man’s real name? Find out the history of GCC and the somewhat unknown role they played in video game history. And since it’s a Pac-Man game it must have a pinball origin story, right?

All those topics plus we find what really sticks in Mr. SNK’s craw, launch a Super Missile Attack, and find out how Time magazine birthed an arcade conspiracy with legs.