Virtual On – Episode 028

We get in the damn robot and play some of Sega’s Virtual On!

The final Listeners’ Choice episode takes on your second/third/fourth favorite brand of giant, bipedal, murder robots. Listen as Borelo, Madlle, and Rod-TGH tell of the history and lamentations involved with buying and moving a Virtual On: Cyber Troopers unit. We marvel at the technical achievements made by the Sega AM3 team on an aged arcade board. We talk a lot about the current state of Mortal Kombat.

How beefy is this big boy cabinet? What is your Virtuaroid name? How does The Last Starfighter fit into all this? Get those answers plus: Fast Food Fighters, the brief history of Gundam, VOOT Christ, deadlifts, and a talk with listener Andrew Olivera who nominated the game.