Author: podouken

  • BurgerTime – Episode 075

    We hope you saved room for the final course in our Blue Collar series because it’s a whopper. We’re talking about the deliciously classic food service game by Data East […]

  • Paperboy – Episode 074

    We grab the Blue Collar miniseries by the handlebars and cover the game that seems to be the talk of the town, Atari’s Paperboy. How did this game deliver something […]

  • Zoo Keeper – Episode 073

    Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: a crazy monkey has kidnapped a girl and it’s up to our hero to get her back. And the girl is Zelda. […]

  • Tapper – Episode 072

    Pull a stool up to the bar and prepare to be overpoured as we talk about Bally Midway’s ode to the service industry, Tapper. Who was actually behind this strategic […]

  • Dig Dug – Episode 071

    Welcome to the beginning of the Blue Collar miniseries that explores the ordinary and dependable workers who somehow become the hero of their own arcade game. So it’s time to […]

  • Killer Instinct – Episode 070

    We’re out of continues on the Nintendo Life miniseries so let’s end with a C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! What happens when some of the top 90s arcade companies come together to make […]

  • R-Type – Episode 069

    In this very nice episode we discuss the classic Irem shooter that became known as the last dedicated Nintendo arcade released in the States all thanks to Kung Fu – […]

  • PlayChoice-10 / Nintendo Super System – Episode 068

    Unlike the PlayChoice-10 we won’t charge you a quarter for every 300 seconds that you listen (which would be about $11.00 for this episode) but we sure will talk about […]

  • Nintendo Vs. System – Episode 067

    It’s our unrequited love letter to one of the best arcade cabinets ever made in an episode that doesn’t focus just on a game or a series, but an entire […]

  • Mario Bros. – Episode 066

    We’re heading into the sewers to clean out the pipes with the Mario Bros. in the game that gave us their ultimate occupation. So join the Podouken crew as we […]