Dragon’s Lair – Episode 121

Time to spin up a new arcade miniseries with the Laser(Time)Disc! The first game is a fantasy adventure where we become a valiant knight on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon. Sure, it’s a tired formula, but this one has animation from Don Bluth! We are entering the Dragon’s Lair.

Hey kids, do you want to hear about the history of the analog optical disc format known as LaserDisc? What Dragon’s Lair scene is the most obvious cash grab? Are birds the closest thing we have to angels? How much did Don Bluth and his studio charge to animate the prototype of the game?

We respond to two listener questions: is there a game we thought we were good at but after seeing a pro play it felt like walking away, and what is an underrepresented game genre in the arcade? Join the Podouken Discord and ask your own questions, which could be included in a future episode, by following this link: discord.gg/k5vf2Jz