Bucky O’Hare – Episode 099

In another dimension, another time and space, a parallel universe was fallin’ on its face. When out of the chaos, who else could it be but the animal adventures from S.P.A.C.E.? It’s time to talk about Bucky – Konami’s Bucky O’Hare!

Are we the only podcast to ever spend 2+ hours talking about the Bucky O’Hare arcade game? Did Konami pour more time and effort into this game than any of their other licensed titles? What part does Sugar Bear from “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” play in the cartoon and game? Is “indefatigable” a real word?

Plus we fall down the hare hole on TMNT toys, rewritable laser discs, infomercials, and our upcoming 100th episode. Let’s croak us some toads!