Arcade Obscura (Mounted Gun) – Episode 097

We bring the Mounted Gun miniseries to a close with a good old fashioned Arcade Obscura. Each of us brings our pick for an obscure or underrated mounted gun game but one game is so obscure we invite the only person known to own it onto the podcast – Doc Mack from The Galloping Ghost arcade!

Who is giving all these zombies guns? What American city has its own arcade game named after it? Are birthday cake Oreos really as gross as we make them out to be (yes)? Will an arcade game nearly 30 years in the making ever come out?

Some listener questions get some love as Jarrod answers the three films he most recently watched (and they are on brand) and we identify what game is missing from The Galloping Ghost lineup.

Special thanks to Craig Bass from Year of the Phoenix Productions and director of the upcoming documentary Ghostlord and the Quest for Dark Presence and Doc Mack (@GGA_Ghostlord). More information about the documentary can be found at