Samurai Shodown – Episode 091

Iza Jinjou ni Shoubu! Let’s have a good clean fight in this final episode of the Neo Geo 4 Slot miniseries (for now). The board has been repaired and we’re dedicating an entire episode to cover our last selection of 1993 – Samurai Shodown!

Is SamSho the most underrated fighting game of the 90s? How does the Edo period heavily influence this game and make the inclusion of some characters impossible? What blade-handed character is responsible for the creation of Samurai Shodown? Will Mr. SNK ever be this pumped for another miniseries ever again?

We answer some very personal listener questions like have we ever had a first or early date at an arcade and are there any games we played as youngsters that we forgot about and then rediscovered later on. Also, Jarrod shares a truly shocking fact that we still can’t believe!