Neo Geo 1992 – Episode 089

It’s the year 1992 – the public witnesses the first televised presidential threeway debate, eating liver with a nice Chianti is all the rage, and the Cartoon Network debut helps mold the tastes of a generation. Join us as we compose our 1992 Neo Geo 4 slot with Mutation Nation, Last Resort, King of the Monsters 2, and Viewpoint.

What game gives us some Nautiboys, Thornygirls, and a viking crusader straight out of Mad Max? How do you beat the real-world Gravitron? Why do we have concerns about the new Tron ride at Disney? How do you get the toilet port of Doom?

Hear us answer some of the latest listener questions like what arcade has the most delicious and most disgusting food item, and what previously featured Podouken arcade would we most like to receive the modern remake treatment.