Neo Geo 1991 – Episode 088

Welcome to the year 1991 where war is the hottest collectible, geography tests just got a whole lot harder, and arguably the best movie sequel ever came out. In this very sick episode we’ll be assembling the Podouken 4 slot with Ghost Pilots, Eight Man, Crossed Swords, and Thrash Rally.

Why are we recording this episode remotely? Can you still hire pontoon plane pilots on Fiver? Will we make Jarrod’s childhood dreams come true? Did we stumble upon the original RoboCop? Where can we buy a Mitsuboshi Thunderjet?

This episode’s Q&A includes our most expensive (and depressing) arcade-related mistakes, the arcade exclusive we’d most like to see ported to console, and what movie-based pinball has the biggest quality difference between it and the movie it is based on.