Street Fighter: The Movie – Episode 080

After 80 episodes we’re not going home. We’re going to get on our boat, and we’re going up river, and we’re going to kick that son-of-a-bitch Bison’s ass so hard that the next Bison wannabe is gonna feel it. Now who wants to go home, and who wants to listen to a Street Fighter: The Movie podcast?!

Why have we been watching this movie all wrong? How did breaking the Seven Dwarfs rule ultimately doom this film? What led to this movie getting an ‘R’ rating? Who was responsible for creating the official Street Fighter song featuring sports legend Deon Sanders? What is the most outrageous quote from this movie?

So bite into a Lay’s Wavy Funyuns Onion Flavored Funyuns Onion Flavored Rings potato chip and listen to our exploration of Capcom’s cinematic classic, plus discussion on Incredible Technologies, colons, Super Mario Bros., JCVD, and the production cost differences between “later” and “ladder”.