Growl – Episode 077

Time to go SHBROOM-ing with the bros as we fight to protect all animal life – except bats – ef them bats. Come experience the EXCITE, ACTION, THRILL, EXCITE, and FIGHT of Taito’s Growl.

What is the secret twist that may have you feeling sympathy for the bad guys? How many characters were lifted from Indiana Jones? How did some popular Konami beat ‘em ups end Growl’s time in arcades before it even got started? Who wins in a battle between an elephant and a tank?

Sound Boy is back from a long vacation and supplies plenty of clips along with our discussion of bat houses, Lamborghini Countach posters, growing up near lions, overpowered whips, and the latest trends in fashion! Special thanks to Trevofour on Twitter for nominating this game for the Listeners’ Choice series.