Paperboy – Episode 074

We grab the Blue Collar miniseries by the handlebars and cover the game that seems to be the talk of the town, Atari’s Paperboy.

How did this game deliver something fresh and newsworthy to the mid-80s arcade? What makes the technical descriptions in Atari manuals so delectable? Will you choose to play Paperboy as a Paragon or Renegade? How did Paperboy’s evolution into Atari System 2 sacrifice some of its identity?

Thanks to the nasty ‘rona we’re recording remotely this episode which poses some interesting challenges for one of us. We explore breaking and entering (but for good reasons), describe what a newspaper is, and how bad we are at this game. There’s one more episode left in this miniseries before we cover our next Listeners’ Choice so get your nominations in now on Discord or Twitter!