Zoo Keeper – Episode 073

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: a crazy monkey has kidnapped a girl and it’s up to our hero to get her back. And the girl is Zelda. But we’re not talking about a Nintendo property here. We’re talking about Taito’s Zoo Keeper.

Who was the Zoo Keeper co-creator that drastically altered the face of arcade history in the U.S.? What non-video arcade game released just before this is a Podouken favorite? How did crabs and tadpoles lead to a breakout for Taito?

We count all of our Florida Man fingers and make sure they’re still intact after July 4th, think of other Z names (and fail), create some new band names, experience some arcade amnesia, and dream up some new miniseries. Psst, no one tell Pastblaster that turtles are reptiles because he’s really keen on this Amphibian miniseries.