Killer Instinct – Episode 070

We’re out of continues on the Nintendo Life miniseries so let’s end with a C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! What happens when some of the top 90s arcade companies come together to make a game through brute force? We get the Killer Instinct.

How did Jurassic Park lead into Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Country? What role did a small English village with a population of 850 people play in giving us some arcade classics? Why are there attempts at throat singing in this episode? How did MIPS lead to MIRT and give Mario an even bigger head?

We trace the origins of overpromising with a project that sees reality, but not quite in the way it was promised. Also a big thanks to our corporate sponsor UltraTech who promises to teach PastBlaster how to beat the orange car in R.C. Pro-Am in exchange for an ad read.