Spider-Man: The Videogame – Episode 061

We swing into the back half of the MCBU miniseries with everyone’s favorite web-head (and some of his amazing friends – not you Namor). Join us, true believers, as we explore the very first Marvel arcade game, Spider-Man: The Videogame.
What Sega faux pas led to this game being created? Have dad bods ever been used for character references besides this game? Is this game a beat ‘em up, platformer, or something more sinister? We also explore our poor music tastes, get hooked on Wordle, discuss some very mild No Way Home spoilers, guffaw at unrealistic female beauty standards, and debate over what the best cracker is (which may lead to a podcast spinoff series!).
Editor’s note: Stop trying to make Cracker Time happen. It’s not going to happen.